Pangea Mathematics Contest

General Information XII Edition 2023/2024 

Dear teachers,

Below you will find the identification numbers of the students who have qualified for the second round of the Pangea 2024 Mathematics Competition. Those who qualified for the second round will be automatically registered in the system for the competition. They don't need to do anything. They have also received by email the ID numbers of their students who qualified for the second round. If you have any questions, please send us an email to The second round will take place between May 27 and 31.

We thank and congratulate all the students who participated in the competition and wish them much success in their studies. We hope to see you at the next Pangea Mathematics Contest!

Sincerely, The Pangea Mathematics Contest Team Click here to Students who qualified for the second round of Pangea 2024


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About Us


When dinosaurs developed about 250 million years ago, the Earth's mass was united into a single supercontinent called Pangaea, from which The five known continents were formed in our era.

With increasing globalization, the world is increasingly looking like the ancient supercontinent Pangea, in which all territories were connected. Nowadays international exchanges in education and knowledge are increasingly important. From there comes our motto: “Mathematics Connects,” a declaration of our intentions to bring together students from different places, lifestyles and levels of education through our Pangea Mathematics Contest.